Mark P. Friedman founded FastGrowth Advisors™ (FGA) to provide small and mid-sized companies with affordable marketing solutions that can drive breakout growth by building sustainable competitive advantage. His work as a Virtual CMO has created hundreds of millions of dollars of new business for a broad range of companies. Not surprisingly, about two-thirds of FGA’s clients come from referrals and repeat business.

Mark has been driving business growth by solving the toughest marketing problems for more than 30 years. After earning an MBA in Marketing from University of Chicago, he learned his craft during nearly a decade in global brand management with Procter & Gamble and three years as an entrepreneur. Since then, he has managed, coached, and consulted for a broad range of categories, including fishing tackle, ice cream, health supplements, electronics, sustainability, medical equipment, house cleaning, toilet paper, and software – everything from startups to nonprofits to multi-billion dollar market leaders.

Mark brings clarity to complex situations, acting as Virtual CMO to help clients excel in all aspects of marketing: strategy, innovation, messaging, media, P&L management, insight, and executional excellence. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s vision and values, finding both  fun and purpose in work, and continuously creating value for customers. He regularly invests in developing new skills, including programs with FranklinCovey, Authentic Leadership, Center of Executive Coaching, Arbinger Institute, and Institute for Business Growth.

Mark recently wrote: “The biggest mistake a small company can make is hiring a marketing consultant with a narrow specialization, like lead generation, SEO, or customer marketing. In over half of our assignments, we have discovered that the problem we have been hired to address is merely a symptom of a much more serious problem. In those cases, if we had been narrow specialists, we might have done what the client asked without helping the business in any meaningful way. Instead, we succeed because we have the breadth of experience to diagnose root causes and thus truly solve a very broad range of strategic and marketing issues.”

Mark lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife (health & nutrition coach Joelle Friedman), two daughters, and dog.

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