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From Bud to Boss: Kevin Eikenberry’s Book for New Leaders

Recently, we published part one of an interview with Kevin Eikenberry of the Kevin Eikenberry Group, whose new book, From Bud to Boss (co-authored with Guy Harris) is launching this week. Following is Part 2 of the interview.

Kevin, what led to the topic of From Bud to Boss? How does the theme fit into your long term business plan?

Our marketing partner suggested that we develop a First Time Manager course. The need is clearly there and always there as new managers get promoted. The topic fits our mission at Kevin Eikenberry Group. My co-author Guy was already working with us as a master coach and trainer. We decided to work together to create a workshop. While co-developing the workshop, we decided to also do a book.

The book really grew out of the workshop. As we gave the workshops, we asked ourselves what were the main questions we were getting from participants. We identified twenty-five, and made sure they were all answered by the book. So before writing, the workshops worked as our laboratory.

What’s the book’s key message? Why should someone read it?

The first section of the book is about the transition from co-worker to boss. There are so many new relationships, and so many old ones that have fundamentally changed with the promotion. The transition to being a leader is hard. Being a leader is complex. The book is about making the transition to a harder job in the context of managing people who used to be peers. It’s addressed both to first time managers and the managers of first time managers, to help them be more effective.

The rest of the book is about the most important leadership skills. It’s about having the mindset to be able to succeed. It’s more than just a book, though. Each section has self-assessments and links to online “bonus bites,” which are exercises and templates. There is a whole online community that goes with the book.

Where do you go next with your business? What do the next 5-10 years look like.

There will be multiple new products. I believe in taking massive action. At Kevin Eikenberry Group, we have three focus words. The first is implementation. It’s about making things happen. Next is experience, creating opportunities for people to learn experientially. Finally, there is relationship. We’re in the business of relationships, not just transactions.

Everything we do helps every other piece. For example, a book about training draws keynote invitations, and speaking sends traffic to the workshops. We’re looking ahead to an internet video channel and certifying trainers inside companies.

But in the end, it’s all about leadership.


Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris’ new book, From Bud to Boss, launches on February 15th. To celebrate the launch, they’re offering special bonuses to people who purchase the book on the day of the launch. These bonuses include free content from a variety of partners who are promoting the launch. To take advantage of these bonuses when you buy the book, visit “these links.” Be sure to join the new Bud to Boss Community to be connected with a wealth of resources about how to be a better leader every day.

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