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How to Know If You Are Resilient

If you are curious about how resilient you are, Dr. Al Siebert offers a 2 page self-administered quiz in his fine book, The Resiliency Advantage (pg. 16-17). If you’re feeling fragile and any good at test taking, the “correct” answers will be obvious, and you will be able to reassure yourself that you are indeed good a bouncing back.

The fun part comes a couple pages later, where he offers five extra credit questions:

  • Has your sense of humor ever gotten you into trouble?
  • Has asking questions ever gotten you into trouble?
  • Has being unpredictable or too complex ever puzzled or bothered others?
  • Has your effort to anticipate problems ever had someone accuse you of having a negative attitude?
  • Are you such a good listener your ability to understand both sides of a conflict has confused others?

In other words, are you a rebel or generally curious? If so, congratulations! You are probably more resilient than most.

And you thought those traits only got you in trouble. Looks like they can save your cookies!


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