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Empty Inbox, Clear Mind

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

I began my career with a company that strictly enforced a clean desk policy. You got in trouble if there was anything on your desk after you left each night. There were various tactics to avoid getting written up. You could take care of each piece of open business each day. You could develop a sophisticated filing system. You could scoop up the mess, put it in a drawer, then pull it out again in the morning. But no matter what you did, you had to do something.

I credit that policy for turning a chronically disorganized young man into a sleek, efficient productivity machine. I’ve tested often over the intervening two decades, and always concluded I was more productive when I followed some kind of clean desk policy. Especially regarding email.

Is it possible to clear your email inbox daily? If so, is it helpful? The answers are yes and yes.

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