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Twitter Trolls

Anyone else sick of Twitter Trolls? You know, the folks who follow thousands, gain thousands of followers, but have posted less than a handful of tweets…ever?

I mean, I respect the heck out of tweeps who gain a mass of followers by providing great content, who work the medium. I’m less impressed by those who use Twitter to engage publicly in private conversations that make no sense to anyone else (you know, the tweets that being “@”). But hey, different strokes. They have a place, I guess. Maybe no one has told them about texting. Or email.

But I go ballistic when I find a troll with thousands of followers who has written one tweet, which is usually no more than a link back to whatever get-rich-quick scheme they’re flogging.¬†All they do is troll for tweeps to follow, then quickly unfollow whoever doesn’t follow them back. And many will automatically follow back without even reviewing what they’re following.

To what end? What is the value of thousands of random followers if you don’t even have a message? Or if you have one, don’t care enough to devote the time to develop it? Maybe I’m out of touch. Maybe it’s a good pick up line at bars: “Yeah, I got fifteen thousand followers. Wanna come to my place?”

Initially a skeptic, I have grown to love Twitter and work hard to provide value. I am delighted when I get a new follower, but I don’t automatically follow back and have never followed someone just to get a follow back. So I get unfollowed a lot by Trolls. Still, when I review my list of followers, I am pretty impressed by the quality and relevance of their tweets. They are quality tweeps and they follow me, so there’s the validation I need to keep going.

Like any other communication medium, Twitter and its community deserve respect and service from those involved. Whenever I post a tweet, I have at least one specific follower in mind, and I am delighted when I read someone’s tweet that seems to speak directly to my interests. So on the whole, Twitter works for me.

I’d just like to purge the trolls.

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