Product Innovation That Sells

Whether you’re trying to create a more convenient hand soap, a better tasting granola, a new online magazine, a faster scooter, or the next great mobile platform, you’re dealing with technology. You need to shape something mechanical, digital, linguistic, or chemical to match your vision. All product innovation requires technology. And when dealing with technology, there’s really only one question:

Would you rather be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

Gates approached innovation and new product development like a technologist. He built useful products and a valuable company.

Jobs approached innovation and new product development like a marketer. He created whole new categories that no one else even imagined and an even more valuable company.

How many raving fans of Microsoft have you ever met? Ask the same question about Apple. Jobs knew how to make product innovations that not only worked …¬†they connected.

I believe that every innovator should involve an experienced marketer from the start of the product development and commercialization processes. Because anyone can come up with a great innovation concept – engineering, sales, management, customers, admin staff, your mother-in-law – but only marketers are trained how to determine which new product concepts have the best potential for success … and how to maximize that potential.

Remember, a product that does its job is just a thing. But a product that connects with customers is a revenue stream, something of value.¬†Building those connections is the primary job of Marketing, and they need to be built into the product from the start … not added on later.

Would your company be better off working with a Marketing & Innovation Consultant who has learned from the best? A new product consultant who has developed innovation concepts and launched new products worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

Someone whose business model makes 30 years of innovation consulting experience affordable for small to mid-sized companies? If so …

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