The Difference Between a Great Product & a Great Business?

A Great Product Launch

Innovating and developing new products can be a lot of fun. But developing a new product means little if you cannot commercialize and monetize it. And in a world glutted with innovation, that requires outstanding product launch strategies, tactics, and plans.

innovationSuccessful launches are complex and difficult. They need more than a bright idea. Launch management requires detailed, interrelated timetables and working through tough issues, like:

The list goes on and on. If you haven’t done it before … watch out.

You need someone on your team who has been there, done that … repeatedly. Someone like me. Mark FriedmanI’ve been developing and implementing product launch strategies and launch marketing plans for 30 years in a broad range of categories, both as a manager and a consultant. I developed new product launch strategies that nearly tripled Pantene sales. I built and implemented new product launch plans that turned around declining businesses like Vicks, Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and Pine-Sol. I have launched start-ups that achieved best-in-industry growth and attracted high ROI buy-out offers – twice.

I am a Marketing and Product Launch Consultant specializing in product launch plans, strategy, line-graph-clip-artmessaging, and execution. I build healthy brands for companies with $5-50M annual sales. I know how the big boys play, and I know how to beat them. And I price my services to be affordable for small to mid-sized companies.

Sound like what you might need? If so …

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