How to Save Money on Marketing

If your business is under $200M, you probably don’t need a full time CMO. Because a real CMO doesn’t spend that much time actually marketing! He or she focuses on hiring and training subordinates, building marketing capacity and infrastructure, maintaining alignment with other company executives, and playing golf with top customers to foster strong relationships.

When you have a $200M business, chances are you’ll want to pay someone to do those things too. But now?

                 Today you need someone who can create and manage top tier marketing plans.
Someone who can innovate and commercialize your best ideas.
Someone who can accelerate growth. Period.

Top-tier marketing talent is too expensive for small to medium-sized businesses … but those are the businesses that create the most value for our economy. That’s why I developed a new business model. By splitting the cost of my time between a few select clients and keeping my overhead minimal, I can give you top tier marketing at a surprisingly affordable price.

dollar signsFrankly, it’s a win-win deal. Each of my clients pays less than they would for a full-time CMO or VPM, while I make a little more money. And you get the full benefit of my 30 years of marketing leadership … without adding expensive headcount!

Why am I so confident that I can help you? Because I’ve learned from the best marketers in the world. I’ve applied their lessons to accelerate growth for brands and businesses repeatedly … for small and mid-sized companies like yours and for some of the world’s best known brands.

I have discovered and proven that many of the skills and disciplines that work for billion dollar brands are also the best ways to build smaller ones. But it’s silly when marketing consultants tell smaller companiesbig-man-small-woman-18446549 to act like big ones, because the big guys make mistakes - lots of expensive ones. So I have developed tools that emphasize the inherent advantage of small companies – their agility, energy, and creativity – while drawing on the strategic and executional discipline of big companies.

By leveraging the best of both worlds, I have led the creation of hundreds of millions of dollars of new business. That’s the experience I offer you.

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