Is a Virtual CMO Just Another Marketing Consultant?

You know you need better marketing, but you don’t want to add expensive headcount. So why not hire a typical marketing consultant?

Because most marketing consultancies sell the same ideas to every client. If they sell trucks, they want you to buy a truck … even if you need a sedan! That’s great for the consultant’s business … but usually not so good for the client.

Now, if you hired a CMO instead of a consultant, here’s what he or she would tell you:

“Your business is unique! You need unique, customized solutions!”

Think for a moment about three of my clients.

Can you imagine one solution for each of their needs? I can’t. And what do you think would have happened if they had hired consultants who specialized in what they thought their issue was … when the real issue was something else?

If anyone ever tries to sell your business a one-size-fits-all solution, run away … fast!

Here is how a CMO works: He or she starts with an assessment of current insights and strategies. What are your Plan-Do-Learncompany’s strengths and how can we make them even stronger? Are there weaknesses, and if so, how can we fix them? Where are your biggest opportunities, and where are your greatest vulnerabilities? Should we focus on offense or defense? Only after examining questions like these does he build and execute new plans. In other words, ready-aim-fire, not ready-fire-aim.

As your Virtual CMO, I will work with you to analyze what works and what needs improvement in your business, and clearly prioritize the problems we need to solve.

We will create game-changing strategies … built to beat the competition!

We will work smart to execute the plan … with speed, creativity, and excellence!

And we will monitor the market, responding nimbly … for optimal results!

Finally, we will meet on a regular schedule to review progress against an agreed-upon timetable. We want to get it done fast … so your business can grow faster!

“If we work together, what can I expect?”