“So What Exactly Are You Going To Do?”

That depends on you and your business. Every client has different needs. We do whatever is most important NOW for your business. That might be creating a new marketing plan from scratch. That might be market analysis or customer insights. That might be training your marketing and sales staff. That might be rebranding. That might be creating a new website or mobile app or sales materials, or opening a new channel. Whatever is most important.

tools-clip-art-8I once had a boss who said that oncologists see every problem in the world as needing chemotherapy, and carpenters see every problem as needing a hammer. Unlike most consultants, I have a complete tool kit and the breadth of experience to recognize which specific solutions your problems need, and to create strategies and programs that achieve your goals.

Here are some of the types of projects we accept.

“How Does the Work Get Done?”

That varies with the client and the project.

In every case, we’re looking for the best results at the best value.

“How Will I Know What You’re Doing?”

I live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, but most of my clients do not. In fact, I have never met most of them face-to-face – skype call 1which is a good thing, because they live as far away as New Zealand! With today’s technologies, most meetings can be handled without the expense of me travelling to your office. Of course, sometimes that is necessary, but we do everything we can to minimize those types of expenses. Instead, we meet by phone or Skype, and work as efficiently as possible. Throughout the life of a project we have regular scheduled meetings, and between meetings my clients can call, text, or email me whenever they like.

“Is a Virtual CMO Just Another Marketing Consultant?

Some consultants think like a CMO, but most don’t … and in most cases that’s not good for their clients. There are critical differences, as discussed here.

“Can I Count on Quality?”

Expect the best. Demand it! Because I won’t accept anything but the best for my clients.

Most of my business is from repeat clients or new clients referred by satisfied ones. Check out these testimonials! I want you happy so that you will give me more projects and refer others. Given my success record in many different categories with many different brands … I think I can safely say my work speaks for itself. But so do my clients.

“What Should I Do Now?”

1538R-67302So what do you think? Shall we talk? There is no risk in picking up the phone or shooting me an email. Let’s review your specific situation and needs.

I’ve helped plenty of other businesses. Maybe I can help yours. And if I can’t, maybe I can recommend someone who can.

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